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For the uninitiated, a promposal is an elaborate prom proposal generally involving an elaborate shtick and a few teenagers with too much time on their hands. While many have gone viral in the past, one in particular is making headlines for being so extraordinary as to involve a staged drug bust and subsequent arrest.

It begins with dash cam footage from a police cruiser tailing a pickup truck in Peachtree City, Georgia. Flipping on his siren and pulling the truck over, the officer approaches the vehicle and begins to question the driver, an unidentified young man. The officer informs the young man that the truck was flagged for criminal activity associated with an individual identified as Chase.

The driver is then asked to exit the vehicle along with his passenger, a young woman. After telling the officer they have nothing in the car, the young man agrees to let the officer search the truck. That’s when things get dicey.

He approaches the teen. "If you lie to me, I run out of options," the officer says. "You work with me — I’ve done this a thousand times — I can normally work with folks, but one thing I can’t work with is dishonesty."

The teen repeats that he has nothing hide, and the officer proceeds to handcuff him. The officer produces a baggie of what he claims is marijuana and says, "You tell me if this is yours or not. I could be completely wrong."

After unwrapping a small note concealed in the baggie and showing it to the young woman, she covers her face and laughs, "Oh my god, this is not funny!" But it is all just a joke. The young man then produces a large sign that reads, "Prom? Say yes or you’re under arrest!"

The Huffington Post reported the parents of both of the teens gave the Peachtree City Police Department permission to post the video to its Facebook page, where it’s amassed nearly 200,000 views since Friday.

For the record, she said "yes."