• Neighbors described the accused as a "quiet boy" who wanted to study
  • The deceased woman allegedly blew up the family's fortune on her addiction
  • The accused and his sister had to discontinue their studies due to financial issues

An 18-year-old boy strangled his mother to death with a belt following an argument Tuesday night. The teen later told police that his mother was an alcoholic who kept nagging him for money.

Sunny Yadav, a native of the Indian state of Maharastra, was arrested and charged with murder following the incident, reported NDTV. 

The murder happened in a rented flat the accused shared with his sister and mother Mary in the town of Vasai. After their father died, Yadav and his 22-year-old sister had to discontinue their education due to financial constraints. 

Police said Yadav's sister returned home from work Tuesday night to find her mother and brother arguing. Though she tried to calm them down, Yadav pushed her out of the apartment and locked the door. 

The panicked woman kept banging on the door, asking Yadav to open the door, but in vain. However, neighbors heard the altercation and came to her help. A few minutes later, Yadav opened the door and confessed to the people around him that he had murdered his mother. 

Police were alerted, and Yadav was immediately taken into custody. He reportedly told the police that he used a belt lying nearby to strangle his mother in a fit of rage. However, police said the teen was in a state of shock after committing the murder. 

When questioned, the sister told police that their mother was an alcoholic and battled with addiction. Mary regularly picked up fights with her children seeking money to fuel her addiction, she told the officers. The sister was the sole breadwinner of the family. 

Neighbors described the teen as a "quiet boy" who wanted to continue his education. The Yadavs earlier shared a flat in a nearby locality of Koliwada with their extended family. However, they decided to move out after other family members began complaining about Mary's drinking problem. The house was put on sale and the money was divided amongst family members, but Mary blew up her share on alcohol, The Times Of India quoted a close relative of the accused. 

The police have launched an investigation. Mary's body has been moved to a nearby hospital for an autopsy, a senior police official told Mid-day. 

body Representational image. Photo: Pixabay