Do you hear that? It’s the sounds of “Teen Wolf” fans baying at the news of Season 4 spoilers. And we’re not going to lie, we’re howling right next to them because the leaked synopsis for the upcoming season of the beloved MTV drama is pretty, well, dramatic!

When Season 4 of “Teen Wolf” premieres on Monday, June 23 at 10:00 p.m. EDT, fans can expect their favorite (surviving) characters to start the season struggling with the deaths of Allison and Aiden.

“Still healing from tragic losses, Scott, Stiles, Lydia and Kira return to a new semester of school with more human worries than supernatural,” the synopsis teases.

Both Allison and Aiden’s horrific fates shocked the “Teen Wolf” world when the two characters were killed off from the Jeff Davis created series. And while we wish Scott and the crew had time to grieve over the heartbreaking demises of their close friends, the supernatural gang will have to put their emotions on hold when a new enemy comes strolling into Beacon Hills.

“Kate Argent’s surprising resurrection brings a new threat to Beacon Hills along with the emergence of another mysterious enemy known simply as The Benefactor,” the Season 4 synopsis revealed.

Kate Argent, played by Jill Wagner, was thought to be dead after Peter Hale ripped opened the wolf-hunters throat with a swing of his claws. But instead of dying, Kate came back as a “were-jaguar.”

So, what’s a “were-jaguar” and how did Kate become one? In a dream Derek had he learned that even a scratch from a werewolf could turn the victim into the beastly creature. And that’s exactly what Kate evolved into—a blue faced, black lipped, green eyed monster. Ironic that the thing Kate hated the most is what she became. But now that she is alive Kate is angrier than ever, which means Derek, Scott and the rest of the supernatural characters of “Teen Wolf” will have to pay the price.

The synopsis for Season 4 also added that the group would be using the remainder of their time helping their new friend Malia integrate back into society. For those who don’t know, Malia, played by Shelley Hennig, is the daughter of Peter. She was thought to be dead for eight years after the death of her mother and sister but was actually living as a fully transformed were-coyote. Could Malia’s life be in danger now that Kate is back in the picture? We think so.

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