Falling in love in Beacon Hills can be dangerous. Liam (Dylan Sprayberry) and Hayden (Victoria Moroles) are getting closer in “Teen Wolf” Season 5, episode 9. It seems life-threatening situations have made them completely forget their middle school drama. However, the Dread Doctors are coming for Hayden, so she might not be the best person to whom Liam should get attached. In a sneak-peek video for the MTV drama, Hayden’s symptoms are getting worse.

In the clip, Hayden and Liam are spending quality time before school, and Liam promises to check up on her between classes. “They only come out after dark though, right?” Hayden asks of the Dread Doctors. “You don’t have to check on me every period.”

“I want to,” Liam assures her. Hayden isn’t about to turn down his chivalrous actions.

The two share a sweet kiss, but when they part, mercury drips from Hayden’s nose. It’s a sign the experiment to turn her into a chimera failed. It indicates the Dread Doctors will be coming to kill her soon. “Don’t tell anyone,” she tells Liam.

Watch the sneak-peek video for “Teen Wolf” Season 5, episode 9 below via E! Online:

The Dread Doctors are definitely planning to come after the chimera, but a lot of people want to save her. In another sneak-peek video, Theo (Cody Christian) confronts the villains and says he needs Hayden to survive. Unfortunately, the Dread Doctors don’t seem willing to compromise.

The synopsis teases that Scott (Tyler Posey) will team up with an “unlikely ally” for help in episode 9, titled “Lies of Omission.” However, Scott’s heroic actions haven’t saved many people this season. He has yet to save any of the chimeras from the grasp of the Dread Doctors, but how long can his losing streak last? Will he actually be able to save Hayden?

Unlike all of the other chimeras, Hayden was introduced early in “Teen Wolf” Season 5 and has been developed throughout the season. After being made a love interest, it would seem the show wants to keep her around. Yet, this is also the MTV drama that spent three seasons building up Alison Argent (Crystal Reed) as the love of Scott’s life only to kill her tragically. There are no guarantees for survival on “Teen Wolf.”

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“Teen Wolf” Season 5 airs Mondays at 10 p.m. EDT on MTV.