Malia Teen Wolf
Malia (Shelley Hennig) won't be saying "I love you" to her boyfriend Stiles (Dylan O'Brien, not pictured) in "Teen Wolf" Season 5. MTV

“Teen Wolf” Season 5 may slow down Stiles' (Dylan O’Brien) and Malia’s (Shelley Hennig) relationship. They got together very quickly, but Hennig teased that they won’t be taking other major steps any time soon.

“She definitely knows what she wants as far as her mate goes and she is all for Stiles. But I don’t think there will be that sweet teenage moment of like, ‘I love you,’” Hennig recently told Entertainment Weekly. “Maybe from Stiles, but definitely not from Malia. But the love is there. I like that; it’s a nontraditional relationship.”

But that doesn’t mean everything will be rainbows and sunshine for Stalia shippers. As most viewers know, the town of Beacon Hills isn’t known for happy endings. “This is ‘Teen Wolf,’ and there’s never smooth sailing, so I’m going to make a pretty good assumption that something will test Stiles' and Malia’s relationship,” Hennig told TV Line.

Could Peter (Ian Bohen) cause trouble for the couple? Hennig noted that the identities of Malia’s biological parents would still affect her in Season 5. Peter’s evil tendencies might even be hereditary. “She’s got bad blood in her, and I think that’ll always be a part of her,” Hennig told Entertainment Weekly. “So maybe her loyalty will be tested. I don’t know."

Of course, Peter is in Eichen House, so she may not have to confront her father anytime soon. And Malia still doesn’t know who her mother is. She only knows that her mom is called the Desert Wolf. The actress said she expects the Desert Wolf storyline to continue in Season 5, and Malia’s boyfriend probably will be leading the search.

“I’m sure Stiles, being as motivated as he is and as much as he loves Malia, I’m sure this is something that he’s still trying to piece together,” she said.

MTV has not set a return date for “Teen Wolf” Season 5. Do you think Stiles and Malia will make it through Season 5 together? Sound off in the comments section below!