Teen Wolf Malia
"Teen Wolf" Season 4 will show Malia's relationship with Stiles hitting a few bumps. Could this mean that there is hope for Stiles and Lydia? MTV

“Teen Wolf” Season 4 might not bring love and happiness to Stiles and Malia. Showrunner Jeff Davis teased at San Diego Comic-Con the two would have a “rocky road ahead.” Davis recently confirmed they would start to feel those bumps in episode 7, “Weaponized.”

The episode “will also include a crucial moment between Stiles and Malia that may threaten to destroy their relationship,” Davis told Entertainment Weekly. This moment could involve any number of things, including a new assassin called The Chemist, but it seems likely it will bring up Malia’s father, Peter Hale. Stiles still hasn’t told Malia Peter is her real father.

Davis reminded fans at Comic-Con, “It’s going to get difficult especially as a certain secret about her parentage comes out.”

Of course, not everyone thinks of this as bad news. “Teen Wolf” fans are divided over a major issue right now: Stydia or Stalia? That’s right, they’re arguing over with whom Stiles should end up romantically.

Stiles has been adamant about his love for Lydia since Season 1, and fans figured they would end up together eventually. She knows he exists now and even considers him a friend, so their relationship has progressed a lot since the series began. The banshee has finally been taking time to focus on herself this season.

Malia is a were-coyote who was introduced in Season 3. At the end of last season, she hooked up with Stiles while they were both checked into a mental hospital. Season 4 has shown Malia becoming a fully integrated member of Scott’s pack, and Stiles has helped her adjust to life as a regular high school student. She is Stiles' first real girlfriend.

Malia and Stiles have both been comic relief this season, but Stiles and Lydia also shared some tender moments last week when Lydia was attempting to get more control over her powers. So with which girl will Stiles end up? We’ll have to keep watching to find out, but you can give your opinion in the poll:

“Teen Wolf” Season 4 airs Mondays at 10 p.m. EDT on MTV.