“Teen Wolf” fans can start 2016 with a little werewolf drama. Much as the series’ producers did with the first half of Season 5, they’ll release the first few minutes of the premiere early. However, this won’t just be a video online: Fans can watch it on MTV.

The network will ring in the new year by airing the first six minutes of “Teen Wolf” Season 5B at midnight, Variety reported. The net will ditched its live specials in favor of a “Ridiculousness” marathon. The marathon will begin Thursday at 6 a.m. EST, with back-to-back episodes airing until Friday at 7 a.m. EST, with the only interruption being the “Teen Wolf” preview at midnight EST.

MTV’s description of the preview is pretty lackluster. “The first few minutes of the Season 5B premiere episode” is all the summary on its schedule indicated. Luckily, showrunner Jeff Davis already revealed what the first scene of “Teen Wolf” Season 5B would be, and fans should expect to see Lydia (Holland Roden) investigating Theo’s (Cody Christian) past.

“You see the very first image [of the premiere in the trailer],” Davis told International Business Times in October. “It’s Lydia in the water approaching that bridge where Theo killed his sister. That’s one of the mysteries — Why did Theo kill his sister? — that we deal with right at the beginning of 5B. It’s a fun story.”

Watch the “Teen Wolf” Season 5B trailer below:

However, it isn’t clear why Lydia is in the water. When viewers last saw her, she was in a catatonic state after Theo put his claws into the back of her neck. The banshee might be taking a swim in the future, though: The preview of the first six minutes of Season 5A turned out to be a flash-forward, so viewers don’t know when the “Teen Wolf” Season 5B premiere will begin.

“Teen Wolf” Season 5B premieres in full on MTV Tuesday, Jan. 5, at 9 p.m. EST.