“Teen Wolf” is jumping straight back into the action when it returns in 2016. Season 5B of the MTV drama will force Scott (Tyler Posey) to get the pack back together. The first person he’ll have to make amends with is Stiles (Dylan O’Brien). It won’t be easy, but the premiere synopsis reveals that they’ll have to work together in order to save someone they love.

In the summer finale of “Teen Wolf,” Theo (Cody Christian) forced Stiles to choose to help Scott or find his father (Linden Ashby). Stiles chose his dad, but the Sheriff isn’t in great shape. Stiles found him beaten in an abandoned house. However, it seems his injuries aren’t just from a bad fight with Theo.

“Scott and Stiles must strive to figure out what’s behind the mysterious infection that’s killing the town sheriff in spite of their deep rift,” the synopsis reveals.

With Theo’s connection to the Dread Doctors, he could have access to a plethora of supernatural infections. The trailer shows the Sheriff in the hospital, and it looks like Stiles is still going to be angry with Scott. In a trailer for the “Teen Wolf” Season 5B premiere, Stiles attacks Scott and asks him where he was.

Watch the promo video below:

The Sheriff, who is in a hospital bed with an oxygen mask, says, “Chimera.” That might hint at the premiere's title. Episode 11 is called “The Last Chimera.” It’s a weird name since Theo just brought a pack of chimeras back to life. Will they go back to being dead just as quickly as they came to life? Or does the title have another meaning?

“Teen Wolf” Season 5B premieres Tuesday, Jan. 5, 2016 at 9 p.m. EST on MTV. The network will also show the first six minutes of episode 11 at midnight on New Year’s Eve.