“Teen Wolf” Season 5B ended with a major hint about the next villain. In the Dread Doctors’ lab, a pair of bloody footprints was shown just before the finale ended. Attentive viewers noticed that the green chamber that usually has a Nazi in it was mysteriously empty. Executive producer Jeff Davis confirmed that this would be the Season 6 villain on the MTV drama.

“That was the Nazi werewolf!” Davis told TVLine of the final scene. “I can absolutely confirm that the soldier has left the machine and will be a part of Season 6, a threat. It was something we were planning for a while, and we weren’t sure if we were going to use that final shot, but once we started shooting Season 6, we figured we might as well use it.”

Though Davis hopes to be able to do another flashback to explore the Nazi’s history, that won’t be the only villain in Season 6. Much like other seasons, Scott (Tyler Posey) and the pack will have at least two bad guys to deal with. “There will be another threat that is worrisome,” Davis explained to TV Guide. “That has to do with the different mythology that we're exploring for Season 6, which is a pretty big one for us and technically very difficult for us.”

Watch the “Teen Wolf” Season 6 teaser trailer below:

That next villain may or may not be familiar. Davis confirmed that Theo (Cody Christian) isn’t dead yet. Though his sister literally dragged him into a hole in the ground, he might find his way back to Beacon Hills. “I wouldn't close the door on him just yet,” Davis teased. “We love Cody Christian both as an actor and a professional. It's hard to say goodbye to him so you'll have to wait and see.”

Scott and the seniors might not be the ones who defeat the Season 6 threats. Davis promised Hollywood Life that there would be more focus on the younger group in the pack. “There are big changes coming to 'Teen Wolf' as we sort of hand the baton over to our 2.0 team of Liam [Dylan Sprayberry], Hayden [Victoria Moroles], Mason [Khylin Rhambo] and Corey [Michael Johnston],” he said. “You’ll have to see in Season 6.”

MTV’s “Teen Wolf” Season 6 does not have a premiere date.