A teenage girl recorded herself drinking shampoo and foaming at the mouth after her boyfriend broke up with her. The girl, identified as Viralkan Ajer, shared the video online to show the drastic action she took to overcome the heartbreak.

“Because of a break up, she’s willing to drink shampoo. Pity her,” a Facebook post read, along with screenshots of the video. The images shared online showed the girl crying as she drank the shampoo. The condition of the girl after drinking the shampoo remains unclear.

However, the World of Buzz noted that consumption of shampoo may likely not be fatal but can cause extreme diarrhea. Several social media users commented on the video, calling the girl's action "stupid." Many slammed the girl for trying to harm herself over a breakup.

“No need to make stupid moves, sister. Life before marriage is not necessarily happy but enjoy yourself while you have the chance," one user wrote.

Some users said drinking such substances could cause serious harm to her body, and in extreme cases, may lead to death.

"Girl, please don't harm yourself. Wake up, stay strong. Life never easy but u may choose your path.. be a successful women, make over your self, made your mind!!!" Another expressed concern for her family, saying: "Life is not just a bf, there is a family of parents again, please appreciate life."

"Your life is in vain if you really die drinking sampoo ... Poor parents who take care of the baby, GK is mature enough just because of men who do not necessarily lead him to heaven ...," another comment read.

More than 150,000 people reportedly viewed the video as of Wednesday.

depressed girl
A report by Cross Blue Shield Association suggested women of all age groups are twice as likely to be diagnosed with depression than men. Elva Etienne/ gettyimages

“If you have thoughts of suicide, confidential help is available for free at the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Call 1-800-273-8255. The line is available 24 hours, every day.”