• Chris Pratt is busy working on "The Terminal List"
  • He recently posted a behind-the-scene photo with real-life Navy Seals
  • Patrick Schwarzenegger, his brother-in-law, can also be seen in the photo

Chris Pratt is currently filming an upcoming thriller drama series titled "The Terminal List" for Prime Video, and he shared a glimpse of its behind-the-scenes featuring his brother-in-law, Patrick Schwarzenegger, and real-life Navy Seals.

The 41-year-old actor took to Instagram Monday to share a group picture featuring his co-stars and the Navy Seals. Pratt stood in the middle of the group with his helmet on as he posed with a gun. Schwarzenegger, 27, stood next to Pratt with a gun in his hand.

In the caption, the "Guardians of the Galaxy" star shared what he called a "Colonel Caldwell excerpt" from Anton Myrer's "Once an Eagle." The said except was about insisting to see the nobility of people.

"It's so much more fun to prate of a man as a noble creature, a semidivine being bursting with goodness and mercy and all kinds of generous thoughts. It takes our minds off of ourselves. Well, he isn't a noble creature, as well we know by now. He's a remarkably clever animal whose talents have outstripped his powers of reason. His deepest instincts seem to be greed and vanity and self interest," part of the excerpt said.


He also wrote a paragraph about how much he respects the military members.

"Our world balances between light and dark. And though it feels precarious, it was created that way," Pratt said. "We are called, each of us, to be of some service- to be light. Few answer the call. And fewer yet to the degree of the Warfare Special Operator."

"It has been my great honor to work alongside the men in this photo. Many of whom are actual Navy Seals," he noted. "As far as men go, it is my opinion there are none equal to the SEAL. I'm trying my hardest to portray James Reece in a believable way."

"With enough smoke and mirrors and technical advice from the men who’ve lived it, we'll fake it just enough to tell the incredible story," he concluded.

"The Terminal List" is directed by Antoine Fuqua and penned by David DiGilio. The series is based on Jack Carr's novel of the same name, reported People.

The series revolves around the character James Reece, who is portrayed by Pratt. The character discovers new evidence after coming back home from a mission and puts his and his loved ones' lives in danger.

Chris Pratt plays one of two brothers on a botched quest to bring back their dead father with an obscure spell in the film "Onward"
Chris Pratt plays one of two brothers on a botched quest to bring back their dead father with an obscure spell in the film "Onward" GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Frazer Harrison