Steven Spielberg's time-travel drama Terra Nova has been cancelled after one season.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the expensive Fox series drew a 2.1 rating among adults aged 18-49 with an audience of 7.2 million -- matching the show's season low.

But don't sing the funeral blues yet -- 20th Century Fox TV has plans to shop Terra Nova to other networks, THR reports.

While most TV shows these days are accessible through online streaming (paid and illegal), DVR programs and the like, it seems that ratings are still prime when it comes to survival.

Since September, a number of star-studded (and over-marketed) shows have already gotten the axe, much earlier than anticipated. In January, Jonah Hill's animated Fox series Allen Gregory got the axe, as did the ABC sitcom Work It, which was in itself a midseason replacement for the short-lived series Man Up.

After three strong seasons, Hawthorne, Hung and Bored to Death were also cancelled by their respective networks. House, after eight seasons and endless hardware, will wrap things up this year.

Terra Nova's ratings and bad buzz weren't worth the show's hefty price, says pop culture/television blogger Manuel Betancourt of A Blog Next Door.

If anything, the two Fox shows ['Alcatraz' and 'Touch'] may make it now that 'Terra Nova' has been cancelled, he added.

According to the LA Times, the pilot for Terra Nova was not cheap, with Spielberg and company spending nearly $20 million on production.

As Terra Nova fans find their own midseason replacement for the dinosaur spectacle, here are five other TV shows that could also face the chopping block.

Were you a Terra Nova fan? Will you miss the show? What other shows do you think will get cancelled this season? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.