A Border Patrol agent rescued a Guatemalan mother and her eight-year-old son from thousands of bees. An official statement said the agent was on duty in Brownsville, Texas on Tuesday when he noticed some bees in his vehicle.

The statement said the agent tracked the bees after clearing the vehicle and spotted thousands of them covering, what looked like a "jacket and a bundle".

"Upon closer investigation, the agent realized the bundle was a person curled up in a fetal position. He yelled at the person to get up and run to his patrol vehicle but realized a second person also needed help. The agent noticed that the person was covering a small child,” the statement said.

The boy threw up while they waited inside the patrol vehicle for an ambulance. Seeing his condition, the agent decided to take them to the hospital. CNN said the boy and his mother are being treated at a local hospital, where they are admitted in the intensive care unit. Authorities said they are expected to recover. Once released from the hospital, the mother and son are expected to be processed by immigration officials.

Reports say that in 2018, Border Patrol agents experienced a similar incident. They rescued a family from El Salvador, which was attacked by a swarm of bees near Rio Grande City. Fire extinguishers were used to drive away the bees.

Honeybee, hornet and wasp venom extracts are used in shots that prevent life-threatening allergic reactions to stings from them. Pexels