The horror genre has been in a reflection phase for the past decade, with remakes of classic and not-so-memorable films becoming the new standard. "Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D," or possibly just "Texas Chainsaw 3D," gets even more meta than that, by ignoring the 2003 remake and its respective prequel, along with the other sequels, and being a pseudo-sequel reimagining of the original.

The 2003 "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" was the first in the slasher remake movement that has seen new interpretations of beloved horror movies like "Halloween," "Nightmare on Elm Street," and "Friday the 13th," as well as forgotten flicks like "My Bloody Valentine" and "Prom Night." The new 3D Leatherface installment picks up where Tobe Hooper's 1974 classic left off.

Upcoming Horror Movies has the sixth "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" film listed for a Jan. 4, 2013, release date, and says it will tell the story of Heather (Alexandra Daddario), who finds out she's adopted after her biological grandmother dies and she and her friends head out to see her old farmhouse.

UHM has a full synopsis of the movie posted, rich with spoilers that explain what this remake/sequel has to offer for "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" fans.

Twenty years before the film starts, the townspeople of Newt, Texas, burn down the Sawyer family farm. The act of violence came as vengeance for what the Sawyer family had assisted and concealed: murders committed Jeb Sawyer, a psychotic killer who also goes by Leatherface.

The character of Heather was an infant related to the Sawyers who was found by two Newt townies who decided to take her in. She only finds out she's adopted when a lawyer finds her and informs her that she's acquired an inheritance.

Heather and four friends decide to go to the address of her grandmother's estate and they find an extravagant mansion, but also unleash a resting Leatherface from a hidden room in the home. One by one they're all picked off and the usual horror chase ensues.

After some internal conflict, Heather eventually decides to stand against the mob of townspeople out to get the remaining Sawyers. "Heather decides that blood is thicker than water and stands with her cousin to avenge the town's brutality," says the detailed synopsis at UHM.

The trailer backs up the claims of the horror site: We see our protagonist bring a group of friends to an empty house and unintentionally release the chainsaw-wielding maniac known as Leatherface. The preview also brings up the connection between this remake and 1974, the year the original "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" was released.

The continuity seems stretched, though, since there were only four family members in Tobe Hooper's film, and they were all men. Leatherface, the Hitcher, Old Man, and Grandpa were the vague names given to the Sawyer family in the first movie; the name Sawyer was given to them in the sequel.

The farmhouse that the family owned also wasn't the lavish home seen in the trailer. It looked so dingy and musty that viewers could almost smell its wretched stink in the hot sun, but there are possible loopholes to be found.

The Sawyer family could have been larger than the group seen in the first film, and the new installment could take advantage of the long time lapse between the two movies. There could be details left from the synopsis on how Leatherface was locked within the walls, or it could just leave the audience to suspend reality.