Cane Rosso's steep fee upset many Reddit users. But the restaurant's owner says the charge is all in good fun. Reuters

If your pizza experience isn’t complete without a side of ranch, you may leave one Texas pizza shop with one hefty bill.

In its mission to keep customers from putting ranch dressing on their pizzas, Cane Rosso in Dallas has gone to some pretty extreme measures. The restaurant charges $1,000 for Hidden Valley Ranch – yes, the same dressing available at your local grocer.

According to AOL, word of the ranch lockdown began to spread after a picture of the restaurant's pricey side was posted to Reddit. Many users of the site were upset to learn such a fee existed, calling the eatery out for what some considered a ludicrous charge. But in an interview with Eater.com, owner Jay Jerrier says it's simply a joke and people are overreacting. He added that he had no plans to take the sign down in the near future.

"For some reason ranch dressing on hot melty cheese just seems weird to me. To dip bread in ranch, I don't think I'd ever do that," he said.