Ellen DeGeneres
Ellen DeGeneres and Edgar at the 2014 Oscars Tumblr

On Oscar night, Ellen DeGeneres made sure the starving actors were well fed, providing pizza for hungry guests. Jennifer Lawrence, Channing Tatum, Meryl Streep, Kevin Spacey, Jonah Hill, Brad Pitt and Kerry Washington were amongst those who reached out for a yummy slice.

DeGeneres made a phone call to Big Mama’s & Papa’s Pizzeria, which is near the Dolby Theatre, and a worker, Edgar, delivered the pies to the stars during the live program. Edgar did not look nervous at all as he passed around the large slices to the biggest names in Hollywood, and was seen by millions of viewers worldwide.

“I've never done this before. You help,” DeGeneres told the delivery man as they handed out the slices together. “Kerry Washington is pregnant, she needs some,” she said at one point, as Washington waved her hand for a slice. After the slices were all taken, DeGeneres announced, “I don't have any money,” causing the celebrities to break out in laughter.

Shortly after, the funny host took Pharrell Williams’ hat, and used it to gather money for the pizzas and tip for Edgar. Harvey Weinstein doled out $200, while others such as Pitt pitched in with $20 bills.

In total, DeGeneres collected around $300 for the three pies. And though some of the money was supposed to be a tip for Edgar, according to TMZ, the delivery man did not know she collected hundreds of dollars. When asked about whether he got a tip, he simply looked at his phone before walking off.