Texas Forest Service announced most active fires in the wildfire situation. Following are the areas that have experienced most active fires as of April 17.

Coke County, Wildcat Fire near Grape Creek - 130,000 acres , 10 percent contained

Crews worked through the night to protect communities by doing structure protection and burnouts south of road 158. Firefighters continue to be concerned about south winds; crews are conducting burnout operations to protect the community of Robert Lee. Roads 208 and part of road 158 closed, mandatory evacuations are in place for Lake Spence and residents living around Greenland and Lometa Roads, voluntary evacuations are in place for Tennyson.

Jeff Davis County, Rockhouse Fire near Ft. Davis - 182,007 acres, 70 percent contained. Firefighters are focusing on the NW flank of the fire as it is projected to spread into Bob Manning Canyon. Crews plan to construct line and continue burnout operations. Burnout operations will be conducted today to protect the Mc Donald Observatory.

Crockett County, Sutton Fire near Ozona - 8,000 acres, 10 percent contained. Resources were released yesterday from the Little Smokey Fire to help local crews with the Sutton Fire which has the potential to spread rapidly.

Andrews County, Frying Pan Ranch Fire near Andrews - 80,907 acres 50% contained

Sutton County McPherson Fire near Sonora - 1,500 acres 20 percent contained

Tom Green County- Encino Fire near Carlsbad - 12,659 acres 90 percent contained

Pecos County, Cannon Group near Iraan - 41, 521 acres

Cannon Fire: 9,248 acres ,80 percent contained

DHR: 26,284 acres, 80 percent contained

Little Smokey: 27,895 acres, 80 percent contained.

Yates Field: 300 acres, 50 percent contained

Currently, there are approximately 1,388 firefighting personnel being managed by the Texas Forest Service from 34 states assigned to Texas fires.