A video of a bride texting while walking down the aisle has gone viral.

The other bizarre thing is that the video is more than two years old.

Uploaded in October 2009, the texting bride video is from an August 2008 wedding held at the Mission Beach Women's Club in San Diego, Calif.

The 31-second clip features a woman walking down the aisle with her proud father. Upon arrival, however, the bride reaches under her veil and into her dress with her right hand, pulls out her phone and begins to respond to what appears to be a text message or e-mail.

It was otherwise perfectly normal except for this one funny clip of the bride TEXTING just after her dad walked her down the [aisle]. At one point, I noticed her doing it through my lens and I had to pull away from the camera to make certain I was seeing what I thought I was seeing, wrote Jim Costa, the wedding videographer who also uploaded the video two years ago.

The minister was busy reading his opening comments and her back was to everyone in attendance. I was the only one to see her . . . totally funny! he added.

Statistics on Costa's YouTube channel point the surge in views to a recent mention from The Huffington Post, who posted the video on Sunday.

The video has since received more than 400,000 views.

The Twitter world has already been bursting with texting bride musings.

Is a #Foursquare badge worth it? Texting bride caught messaging down the aisle, wrote one user.

Tacky much? This bride texts as she walks down the aisle, wrote wedding magazine The Knot on their Twitter account.

Watch the texting bride video below, courtesy of Jim Costa.

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