Thanksgiving Turkey
Thanksgiving Turkey Reuters

Thanksgiving: a time for giving thanks, good food, good people, but above all, waiting to see what goes wrong this year. Whether it’s Uncle Harry dropping his toupee in the gravy or the oil in the turkey’s deep-fryer catching fire, most people experience some kind of unanticipated excitement on Turkey day.

In anticipation of the all-American holiday, comedian Jimmy Fallon shared a story about how on Thanksgiving his mother had to bail out his sister’s boyfriend from jail. He quipped there was plenty for everyone to talk about at dinner. Next, he asked his nearly 11 million followers to tweet him a message about “something funny of embarrassing that happened on Thanksgiving” because it could appear on his show, “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.” Twitter users shared some of their most memorable Thanksgiving fails to date, and luckily, some were kind enough to include various different memes to exemplify their Turkey Day fails. Check out some of the stories compiled from Twitterati listed below:

Though 140-character stories are fun, nothing says Thanksgiving fail better than an epic meme. Check out some silly ones below:

[By the way, don’t be one of the people whose house goes on fire because the turkey wasn’t deep-fried properly. Check out this link for some helpful hints and tips about deep-frying turkey for Thanksgiving.]

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