Thanksgiving is one of the busiest times of year to fly, and the potent wintry storm that has already caused serious problems for much of the country could ruin many people’s plans to spend the holiday with friends and family on Thursday. Nearly 1,000 flights have been canceled in anticipation of the storm, USA Today wrote Monday. And travelers can expect massive delays in airports on Tuesday and Wednesday.

American Airlines canceled 300 flights at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport as the threat of icy weather loomed. That comes after AA affiliate American Eagle canceled 650 flights. While Texas travelers will most likely have the biggest headaches when it comes to flying, AA customers in other parts of the country could also be affected, USA Today added.

For example, if travelers are flying from Los Angeles to Seattle, their flights could be affected (whether it’s delayed or even canceled) if crews are not able to make the L.A. or Seattle flights because of the Texas cancellations.

According to the news site, American spokeswoman Andrea Huguely told Today in the Sky that the carrier hopes for the situation to get better, at least as far as DFW is concerned, especially since the weather conditions are supposed to get better.

American was hoping to be back on schedule by noon Monday, and American Eagle was planning on being back to normal by 4 p.m. Monday, so the worst might be over already. The carrier hasn’t canceled any more flights since 8 a.m. Monday morning.

According to CBS, nearly 2.1 million passengers are expected to pass through Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport during the next few days. “We expect things to get back to normal very quickly,” DFW International Airport spokesman David Magana told CBS. “We are seeing a lot of passengers being rebooked by the airlines, and so we ask that passengers check with their airlines as quickly as they can and make sure that they keep track of their flight information.”

But just because things are looking better in Texas doesn’t mean those in the north do not have to worry. Philadelphia and three major airports in New York City could be faced with delays due to the cold, windy, rainy and even snowy weather conditions, USA Today said. This storm is expected to develop on Tuesday and may result in hundreds more delays and even cancellations.

Up to a foot of snow could drop in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions, though the heaviest snow is expected to fall near the smaller airports. Though Buffalo, Syracuse and Burlington, Vt., might get a snowy mix, it’s not thought travel will be affected.

"We closely monitor all potential weather that may impact our operation -- our primary goal is always to operate safely," US Airways spokeswoman Michelle Mohr said in an email to Today in Sky, quoted by USA Today.

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