Park Bom in the Philippines, June 2023 newharoobompark/Instagram


  • South Korean singer Park Bom uploaded new selfies or selcas on Instagram
  • Some fans commented on the 39-year-old idol's latest makeup style
  • Bom is best known for being the main vocalist of the disbanded group 2NE1

Park Bom updated her Instagram followers for the first time this August by uploading a new set of selcas or selfies.

On Monday, 39-year-old South Korean singer Park Bom uploaded a selca on Instagram and captioned it, "Hello. This is Bom."

Shortly after, she uploaded four more selcas showing herself in a green top with the caption, "Bom and green."

Her new photos received mixed reactions from her Instagram followers. Some comments claimed her new look did not suit her, while others said they didn't recognize her anymore.

"This makeup look doesn't suit you, please change," suggested one user. A second one commented, "Is this a filter? [I don't know.] [It] looks kind [of] off."

"Are you ok, Bommie? Why [is your] makeup like that?" a third user asked, while a fourth user said, "Unnie, stop doing things [to] your face. It doesn't suit [you]. You are pretty already, so please..."

"Nah, it's too much. She needs help," claimed a fifth user, to which a fan replied, "She is dealing with a medical condition that makes her face and body swell. So, it is not her fault."

"[What the f—]. This is not Bom," commented a different user, while another said, "These pics literally scared me."

Meanwhile, other fans flooded the 2NE1 member's Instagram post with positive and encouraging comments.

"[We] only asked for one, but you gave us five selfies. [Oh my god]," commented one fan; another said, "Girl, you are so damn beautiful. I love you so much."

"You are beautiful inside and out. We love you and always will, Bom," commented a third fan. A fourth fan said, "You go girl, show me that you still got it, Unnie. [You are] so beautiful. Get it, girly."

"Park Bom stuns in [a] new selfie," stated a fifth fan. A sixth fan gushed, "Stunning! Missing you, queen!"

"Awesome! We missed you. [We] hope you're doing well, Bommie!" added another fan.

Park Bom was the main vocalist of 2NE1, a four-member girl group that debuted in May 2009 under YG Entertainment with its single "Fire."

But in 2016, the group disbanded after YG Entertainment reportedly called it quits with 2NE1 since it could not control an unnamed member, per NME.

In April 2022, six years after the group's disbandment, 2NE1 members Bom, Dara, Minzy and CL had a surprise reunion at Coachella.

Following CL's performance of her solo tracks "Spicy" and "Chuck," the four members performed 2NE1's 2011 hit "I Am the Best" in front of the Coachella crowd.

Hip-hop girl group 2NE1’s most watched YouTube video, “I Am The Best,” has received more than 31 million views since its premiere some seven months ago. The group’s popularity spread so fast that in December 2011, MTV Iggy (an international MTV new music site) crowned 2NE1 the Best New Band in the World (based on fan votes). The network also flew the band into New York City to headline a show in Times Square, along with acts from Venezuela, Jamaica and Malaysia. REUTERS