Two thieves broke through a skylight and stole two artworks from a Washington gallery, sometime early on Saturday or late on Friday, after the closure of the Matter Gallery in Olympia. The interesting point of the burglary is that neither of the stolen works was worth more than $800.

The first stolen work of art - Tribute to the Concussed Skier by Jud Turner of Eugene - was worth only $800, while the second - Horizons II by Jerry Williamson - was valued at $600. Moreover, the artworks stolen were bigger in size, when compared to others nearby.

According to the Huffington Post, Tribute to the Concussed Skier is over four feet in diameter while Williamson's Horizons II measures over four-and-a-half feet.

I have far more expensive pieces in the gallery. The pieces they chose are the pieces that are most often admired by men in their 20s, gallery owner Jo Gallaugher told the News Tribune.

As per reports, the theft from Olympia's Matter Gallery was possible because Gallaugher had turned off the main breaker on account of melting snow dripping through the ceiling onto the junction box. This must have provided the thieves with a valuable blanket of darkness to go through with the heist.

Gallaugher also noted that although the alarm was disabled owing to weather conditions, the burglars must have put a considerable amount of effort into the theft. The double plexiglass skylight was thick and would have taken a considerable amount of time to break through.