• Bed bugs can cause irritation on the skin especially the moment they start biting
  • some people don't know if the itchiness they feel on their skin were caused by bed bugs
  • Here is one thing you can do to determine if you're bitten by bed bugs

Bed bug bites are a source of great irritation. While they may disappear on their own after about a week, you may continue to have them if you do not address bug infestation. As such, you will continue being bitten by them.

The National Health Service said that bed bugs could be found in dozens of places. These include mattresses, loose wallpapers, clothing, bed frames, behind pictures, furniture, and many more. While bed bugs are never tiny, they can be difficult to spot because they only come out during nighttime when you are already sleeping.

How To Tell If You Have Been Bitten

Orkin, a pest control expert, says that bites are typically found on parts of your body, which are likely to be exposed to the insects when you are sleeping. These include your neck, arms, legs, face, shoulders, and hands.

You can also recognize bed bug bites through their appearance. You just need to look for three signs to determine it is indeed caused by the parasitic insect. bed bugs bite symptoms bed bugs bite symptoms Photo: danydory - Pixbay

Three Signs Indicating A Bed Bug Bite

According to Orkin, the first sign you need to watch out for is how the bites look like. Bed bug bites are usually clustered together in a small area. In some cases, the bites may appear to form a line or have a zigzag pattern. The second sign on the skin you have to be on the lookout for is whether the bites appear like small, raised or flat areas. Finally, the bites may become red, inflamed, blistered, or itchy.

Orkin also reminds everyone that skin reactions to bed bug bites may not always immediately appear after being bitten. It may take a couple of days for the first symptoms to appear.

The pest control expert also reveals that skin reactions may vary from one person to the next. Orkin said the skin of another member of your family may react differently after being bitten.

Cause of Skin Irritation

The saliva of bed bugs contains an anti-coagulant that they inject into your skin when feasting on your blood. This coagulant is mostly to blame for the skin reaction.