Tiger Wood’s rumored girlfriend Amanda Dufner purchased a new house in Florida near the golfer’s home last May, according to reports Tuesday. However, according to Radar Online, this could be a sign of Dufner’s plan to marry Woods.

Radar Online, citing Dufner’s property records, reported that she bought the 3,000-square-feet house for $675,000 in May 2015. A source told the gossip website that although Woods has not been seen with Dufner publicly, their friends believe that “there is still something going on between the two.”

Woods and Dufner were rumored to have been dating last spring, which allegedly broke the golfer’s relationship with then girlfriend, Olympic skiing champion Lindsey Vonn. Dufner’s alleged affair with Woods led to her divorce with her golfer husband Jason Dufner.

“Amanda’s new home is only nine miles away from Woods' 50,000-plus-square-feet beachfront mansion. She’s from Alabama and just happens to move to Jupiter, Fl., and buys a place just miles away from Tiger’s in the middle of their steamy affair?” the source told Radar Online. “Amanda is flirtatious and Tiger has always had a thing for her, he can’t resist her. Amanda knows this and I wouldn’t be surprised if this is all part of her plan to become the next Mrs. Tiger Woods,” the insider added.

Last January, Woods’ agent Mark Steinberg had denied that the 40-year-old’s rumored relationship with Dufner and said the claims were “absolutely 100 percent false.” Steinberg had said that the National Enquirer’s report on their relationship was a “complete lie and fabrication."