A TikTok video of a woman in Mexico has caused investigators to look into the 2003 kidnapping of 4-year-old Sofia Juarez in Kennewick, Washington.

Juarez was abducted one day before her fifth birthday as she walked near her childhood home. Police in Kennewick began receiving new tips into the case after a TikToker posted a video that was filmed in March in Culican, Sinaloa.

In the video, the TikTok personality interviewed a 22-year-old woman who said she hated birthdays. She revealed that she didn’t know where she was from and would like to speak to her family because some people have told her she was kidnapped.

“We are aware of the TikTok video. Investigation is being conducted into that. Thank you to those who sent information on that video to us. It is appreciated,” the Kennewick Police said in a statement on the official website.

Almost two weeks after their statement, the police revealed 75 people have called in with tips and have provided them with previously unknown names and information.

The website features an age progression photo of what Juarez may look like in the present day and reveals she would be 23 years old. Although some TikTok users have noted the similarities between Juarez and the woman from the video, officials have not commented on the resemblance.

Police have been in contact with the TikTok personality, and he is working with them to try and find the woman. Officials are not releasing the name of the influencer.

According to witnesses of the kidnapping, a person approached Juarez and led her away as she cried. Although authorities have a detailed description of the individual, they are not sharing it amid their investigation.

An occupied light blue, silver, or gray van was also spotted at a nearby street. The vehicle was described as an older 1970s to early 1980s full-sized panel van with no side windows.

Residents may have seen the van and assumed it belonged to a contractor working in the area. Authorities now have a high interest in the van and are asking anyone with information to contact the police.

Police revealed the website will be updated monthly to keep the public up to date with the investigation.

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