• Sienna Mae Gomez has denied the allegation that she sexually assaulted fellow Hype House member Jack Wright 
  • Wright's friend Mason Rizzo made the sexual assault allegations against her Sunday
  • Wright replied to her denial, saying he hopes Gomez gets "the support and help that she needs"

TikTok star Sienna Mae Gomez is speaking out after she was accused of sexually assaulting her friend and fellow Hype House member Jack Wright.

On Tuesday, Gomez, 17, denied the allegations made against her by Wright's friend Mason Rizzo Sunday and stated that she and Wright "never had sex."

"I unequivocally deny the allegations that I sexually assaulted Jack Wright," the social media star said in an eight-minute video she posted on YouTube and Instagram. "It's currently 2 a.m. and I've been listening to everyone around me tell what to do all day and what I should and shouldn't say and I basically just want to come on here because I'm not making an apology video, this is more of a statement."

Gomez stressed that she didn't want to bring the issue online. However, she felt that her name was being dragged in the mud and wanted to stand up for herself and tell the truth.

"I have nothing to apologize for because I did not sexually assault Jack Wright," she continued. "Jack never confirmed or denied it which makes the situation even worse because he never denied it knowing that it's not true."

Gomez also addressed Rizzo, who wrote on Twitter, "I struggle with seeing a girl getting praised after telling my best friend to kill himself and sexually assaulting him numerous times after he set boundaries and then repeatedly wonder why 'he doesn't like you back.' she also has a history of verbally abusing people in high school and in LA."

She denied these claims, saying, "None of this is true."

She also said she was "surprised" when Wright's twin brother, James, retweeted Rizzo's statement and wrote, "This is why I 'couldn't just let it go and stay out of it'" in response to the sexual misconduct allegation.

Mason's tweet and James' retweet have since been taken down. Gomez said she believes their actions have said enough about the truth.

Gomez further noted that she spent the past few months with Jack almost every day, and he never brought up those issues to her in private. Thus, she was confused and shocked by the claims.

In the video, the TikTok star shared, "For so long I was strung along and mislead by Jack. It's honestly really embarrassing for me because I gave my entire heart and all of my love for nine months so vulnerably on the internet and everyone can go and look at these videos and see how invested I was in our relationship."

"I will always have a special place in my heart for him. It's so crazy to me how once a relationship or friendship has ended people will turn your very best qualities against you which I know my very best qualities are the way I love and that love and passion is newly regarded as overwhelming and that passion is now newly regarded as possessive or desperate. That is so frustrating to me," she added.

Wright responded to Gomez's denial on Instagram. "While I love sharing my life with all of you, some parts are deeply personal and I have been hesitant to share my own emotional and mental wellbeing," he wrote.

According to Wright, Rizzo and James only wanted to "protect me with the truth." He valued their enormous truth and encouraged Gomez to "get the support and help that she needs."

"I don't want to tear anyone down and only wish healing for everyone involved," he added. "I want to thank all of you who have reached out with your love, support and kindness. I am forever grateful."

Gomez, Wright and James are set to star in an upcoming reality TV series on Netflix alongside other members of the Hype House.

Sienna Mae Gomez
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