The Trump campaign edited the cover of Time magazine’s “Person of the Year” issue, replacing the head of climate activist Greta Thunberg with that of Donald Trump.

This comes just days after the president retweeted a picture of the body of Sylvester Stallone in his “Rocky” heyday.

Trump has ridiculed Thunberg, who wowed the world in September with her impassioned plea at the United Nations General Assembly urging governments to fight climate change.

He has dismissed her as a “very happy young girl” and someone with “anger management” issues.

On Thursday, his campaign altered the Time cover, which was unveiled Wednesday, accompanied by a list of things it said Trump has accomplished during his first three years in office.

Vice President Joe Biden fired back.

Time said it chose Thunberg as its person of the year because she has inspired people in more than 150 countries to stage demonstrations over climate change.

“Meaningful change rarely happens without the galvanizing force of influential individuals, and in 2019, the earth’s existential crisis found one in Greta Thunberg,” Times editors said in explaining their decision.

Thunberg eschews plane travel, opting instead to sail aboard La Vagabonde as she crisscrosses the Atlantic to spread her message. She began her crusade in August 2018, protesting outside the Swedish Parliament, holding a sign reading “Skolstrejk för klimatet” – school strike for climate.

She has met with the pope and recently changed her Twitter profile to include Trump’s barbs: “ A teenager working on her anger management problem. Currently chilling and watching a good old fashioned movie with a friend.”

Trump long has ridiculed the idea of climate change although he apparently reversed that position at the recent NATO summit.

“Honestly, climate change is very important to me,” Trump said. “I’ve done many environmental impact statements over my life, and I believe very strongly in very, very crystal clean water and clean air. I see what’s happening in our oceans … . It’s very important to me also. I want clean air and clean water, No. 1 and No. 2.”

During the 2016 presidential campaign, he often called global warming a hoax being promoted by China as a means of destroying the U.S. economy, and among his first acts as president, pulled the United States out of the Paris climate treaty.