Titanic 3D hits theaters on Wednesday, bringing with it a flood of memories from when James Cameron's award-winning film first came out in 1997.

The hit movie would spawn many a Heart of the Ocean necklace, a rabid Leonardo Dicaprio following, and spoofs galore, among other pop culture by-products.

But Cameron wasn't the only director to take a stab at the story of the doomed RMS Titanic.

Here are five other movies that attempted to capture Titanic drama -- for better or for worse.

Raise the Titanic (1980)

This film is based off of the Clive Cussler novel of the same name. It follows a bunch of people who attempt to raise the sunken ship from the bottom of the ocean.

Titanic (1996)

This television movie followed characters from different classes on the doomed ship.

No Greater Love (1996)

This television movie is based off of the Danielle Steel novel of the same name. The main character, Edwina Winfield, loses her fiancé and her parents after the Titanic sinks and has to get her life back on track.

A Night to Remember (1958)

The stars of this film include Kenneth More and future Bond girl Honor Blackman.

The Unsinkable Molly Brown (1964)

This musical takes a fictional look at the life of Margaret Brown, also known as Molly Brown. The film stars Debbie Reynolds as the title character. Part of the movie goes into Brown's alleged actions during the sinking of the RMS Titanic (she really was a passenger and survived the sinking).