• Filming of “Titans” Season 3 will begin as soon as the lockdown ends

  • Batman may have a cameo

  • The exact release date will be announced after production starts

Production of “Titans” Season 3 has not yet started because of the coronavirus pandemic, but the producers are eager to start filming as soon as the lockdown ends. Executive producer Akiva Goldsman gave an update about the TV series in a recent interview and said that they are waiting to start rolling the cameras on the show “as soon as possible.”

Since the start of the coronavirus, most of the TV shows and movies were forced to shut down all production, which had a huge impact on all the release dates of 2020 and 2021. In an interview with Collider, Goldsman said that producer Greg Walker is working with the writers for Season 3 of DC’s “Titans” series, but “everything is a bit slowed down” because of the pandemic. He added that they are “planning to go in front of the cameras as soon as possible.”

There have been some rumors and theories about what the plot of the show is going to be in “Titans” Season 3, including the possible cameo appearance of Batman. However, Goldsman was not ready to share any details just yet.

The events in the Season 2 finale gave some hints about what can happen in the future. Rachel (Teagan Croft), for instance, wanted to bring Donna (Conor Leslie) back, but she was worried about not being able to control her powers. The character may now get corrupted by her powers and turn evil, CBR reported.

The other big storyline on the show so far has been about Jason Todd (Curran Walters). The character appears to have cut his ties with the other heroes, and he appears to be set to become the comic book version of his character known as Red Hood.

Blackfire (Damaris Lewis) will be the new villain on the show when it returns. This means the fans can expect some dramatic scenes with Kory (Anna Diop), who is the villain’s sister.

“Titans” Season 3 was originally supposed to air later in 2020, but that may no longer be possible. The producers will announce an exact release date soon after the filming starts.

Titans Blackfire is the villain in "Titans" Season 3. Photo: Titans/Facebook