Todd Bridges
Todd Bridges is getting divorced from his wife of 14 years. Twitter/@ToddBridges

Todd Bridges, the only surviving sibling from the old hit television show Diff'rent Strokes, is getting divorced -- and it doesn't look like he is taking it well.

Bridges, 47, has been married to his wife, Dori, for the past 14 years. They have a 13-year-old son.

According to TMZ, Bridges made the announcement Friday via Twitter -- they quoted him as tweeting that he wanted to beat the media to this, according to a TMZ report. The tweet appears to have been deleted sometime since then -- it no longer appears on his Twitter feed.

But the actor did make an official announcement. The Bridges have decided that disunion is in the best interest of their collective futures, a statement from the actor says, according to a People report. Although Todd and Dori are going their separate ways, they are mutually committed to the well-being of their son.

Bridges is best known for playing Willis Jackson on Diff'rent Strokes, a sitcom that ran from 1978 through 1986. The popular show was about a wealthy white man, played by Conrad Bain, who adopted the two black sons of the woman who worked as his maid before she died. The boys were played by Bridges and the late Gary Coleman. Actress Dana Plato played Bain's character's daughter and their adoptive sister.

Bridges, Coleman and Plato became known for their troubled personal lives. Bridges and Plato were both addicted to drugs, while Coleman battled many health and legal problems, including filing for bankruptcy in 1999. Plato died earlier that year after overdosing on painkillers, although her death, which occurred in Oklahoma, was ruled a suicide in that state, People reported. Coleman died in 2010 after having a brain hemorrhage.

Bridges tweeted his appreciation for his wife on May 25: She's a great mother im (sic) glad to have had the years to know her and have a great kid with her as we know, people grow apart and we did.

His tweets from before and after the announcement have been quite a bit dark. He tweeted just two days before on May 23: Im doing alot better then yesterday was really down the dumps in a pity party God does not have a pity party I had to pray and be set free (sic).

He also took up two Twitter spaces to slam critics who left less-than-supportive comments on a TMZ page that announced the split: Thank God for his son for he is my judger for all people who wrote bad things on tmz you too will be judge bye God so bless you for being Mean I wish you will learn to love God and stop hating cause you to willl face his judgement too just like me (sic).

Earlier this month on May 1, he tweeted At a meeting keeping my self alive.

The actor hasn't seen the success of his Diff'rent Strokes days, but he has managed to land an acting gig every now and then. He had a recurring role as a Vietnam veteran with PTSD in the Chris Rock comedy series Everybody Hates Chris. According to his page on, Bridges will have roles in the upcoming Adam Sandler film That's My Boy and Turning Point.