Creator Todd McFarlane teased that a new 90-minute "Spawn" animated project is in the works. "Ninety minutes of a show ready, teed up, ready to go," McFarlane said during his recent appearance at's Talking Shop.

According to IGN, Farlane last spoke about the project in December during a talk at Toy Fair 2019. He mentioned that a reboot movie was in the works and promised to “move forward” with this project regardless of whether a studio will take it up or not. He assured fans that he had some “people with money” helping him fulfill that promise.

The reason he was able to make that promise was having the project already made. McFarlane said that he still had voice recordings and animated footage from an earlier start. All of this, according to the creator, amounts to a 90-minute show, adding that it's “ready to go”, except for the cell animation.

The 90-minute animated movie isn’t the only project McFarlane is working on these days. The coronavirus lockdowns may have slowed down the pace of the project, but he is revealed to be working on a “Sam and Twitch” spin-off, Comic Book reported. Fans of the series will remember the main characters as the duo detectives who are assigned to follow the pattern of "Spawn’s murders.

McFarlane confirmed that he is indeed looking for backers for the project. He was also going pretty aggressive, according to reports, up until the COVID-19 lockdowns hit. He said that he was still trying out certain things, talking to writers, actors and agents who might be interested enough in the project to come along.

It can be remembered that Oscar winner Jamie Foxx is reportedly tied to the project as the titular "Spawn," Al Simmons. Jeremy Renner is reportedly playing Detective Twitch Williams in the movie as well. However, it all remains to be seen until after the lockdowns are lifted.

spawn Todd McFarlane
Philip Tan and Todd McFarlane during 2006 New York Comic-Con - Day 1 at Jacob Javits Center in New York City. Duffy-Marie Arnoult/WireImage