A toddler suffered severe burns after she played with live electric sockets without supervision. The incident took place in China’s Liaoning Province on Sunday.

According to local reports, the mother of the two-year-old girl left her in her grandmother’s room and got busy with housework. When the mother entered the room to check on her, she found the toddler playing with iron nails. The woman immediately took the nails from the toddler’s hands and placed them in a shelf assuming that the girl wouldn’t be able to reach. She then went back to her household chores.

However, a few minutes later, the mother smelled something burning and rushed into the room only to find out that her daughter had electrocuted herself. The girl had managed to grab the nails and stab them into the live electric sockets while playing.

The girl was rushed to a nearby hospital with severe burns. Her arms were burnt and her mouth was completely swollen. Doctors informed the family that the girl had suffered fourth degree burns to the palms and lower half of the face. The girl was also left with a hole in her lip. The doctors also warned the family members that the girl could suffer heart or brain complication in the future due to exposure to high-voltage electricity.