Police investigating a toddler's injury as child abuse case. In this representational picture: Runners arrive before dawn to increased security before the start of the Salt Lake City Marathon on April 20, 2013 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Getty Images/George Frey

What was supposed to be a simple fall from the stairs for a toddler in a day care provider’s house turned out to be more than that in Salt Lake City. The injury was more grievous than what was originally reported, and the 1-year-old boy has been taken into surgery, where he is battling for his life. Police said that they are investigating this as a child abuse case.

According to a report by KSL, a 27-year-old day care provider called the child’s mother, telling her that her son had fallen down a carpeted stairs. The boy was rushed to the Primary Children’s Hospital, where the doctors determined that the injuries of the toddler were not consistent with a fall from six to eight carpeted stairs.

The doctors called the police, and the investigation began on Nov. 28. The details about the statements and the events of the case became available for the public after the search warrant affidavit was recently unsealed at the 3rd District Court.

The toddler reportedly suffered severe brain hemorrhage and was taken into surgery. As per the affidavit, it is unclear whether the child will survive the surgery.

The police confirmed that the toddler was in a “life-threatening condition.” There were no external injuries to the boy’s head that are normal in cases where a child falls down the stairs, which further aroused the suspicions of the police. Taking into account the gravity of the case, this is being investigated as a child abuse case.

The search warrant was reportedly filed by the police to get permission to search the day care provider’s cellphone. As of this writing, it is unclear if any foul play has been detected in this case.

Children being in danger at a day care centre or house is not uncommon. According to a report by Click Orlando, a settlement was reached in a another case that involved a toddler’s death. A 3-year-old child was reportedly left in a van for 12 hours at a child day care centre on a hot day, resulting in the child’s death. The van driver apparently forgot to drop the kid off at the day center’s other location.

In another news, a 3-year-old and her father were injured after the child rode her father’s bike into a fence, Miami Herald reported. The father chased after the bike, but couldn’t get to the bike in time to prevent an accident. Both of them had been taken to the hospital, but there are no details about their injuries. The police are currently investigating how the toddler managed to turn on the bike and why she was left unsupervised.