• "Tokyo Revengers" 213 is set to release Wednesday
  • It might showcase the beginning of Brahman and Rokuhara Tandai's battle
  • The new chapter might reveal Draken and Takemichi's decision

"Tokyo Revengers" 213 will probably uncover deeper reasons behind Brahman's interest in scouting Takemichi while tension builds with the arrival of both gangs' top dogs.

The previous installment of the hit manga "Tokyo Revengers" saw the arrival of Brahman's deity Kawaragi Senju and Rokuhara Tandai's top dog Kakucho Hitto. It also introduced familiar faces that many readers got to know from the past chapters of the manga, including the Haitani Brothers' Ran and Rindou, Madarame Shion and Kanji Mochizuki.

Kakuchou is Takemichi's childhood friend and as one of the previous Heavenly Kings of Tenjiku and Izana's right hand, the top dog knows what Takemichi is capable of. Although he knows his former friend is a lame fighter, he previously witnessed how his bravery helped the Tokyo Manji Gang defeat the powerful Tenjiku.

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The past chapter also revealed that the majority of the top executives of Rokuhara Tandai used to be powerful members of the Tenjiku Gang. Why the delinquent group wants Draken and Takemichi remains unknown. However, there is a big chance that it would be revealed in "Tokyo Revengers" 213. 

Fans already have an idea that the vice chairman of Brahman served as the vice captain of Black Dragon under the leadership of the gang's founder Sano Shinichiro, who is Sano Manjiro's (Mikey) older brother. A lot of fan theories claim that Brahman wants Takemichi because he looks a lot like this person. Others believe Brahman would like Takemichi to help them save Mikey. 

However, the only logical explanation as to why both delinquent gangs are trying to get Draken and Takemichi is because they want Mikey in their group. Draken and Takemichi are the biggest influences in Mikey's previous life. One of the reasons why Manji disbanded the Toman gang is because he wanted to protect his friends, particularly Takemichi and Draken. 

It is possible that Brahman and Rokuhara Tandai believe only these two could persuade Mikey. In the world of delinquents, Mikey created a new era through the Tokyo Manji Gang and he disbanded the gang with an undefeated record. This is a feat none of the current gangs have so far achieved. Moreover, having Mikey in their group could spell a major difference in their image and power.

The upcoming chapter might also reveal Draken and Takemichi's decision, although the possible revelation of both gangs' motive for recruiting these two might not yet happen. 

"Tokyo Revengers" 213 is scheduled to release Wednesday.