• "Tokyo Revengers" 213 is scheduled to arrive Wednesday
  • Raw scans and spoilers could be available as early as Monday
  • This installment may reveal Draken and Takemichi's decision

Tension intensifies with the arrival of deities of Brahman and Rokuhara Tandai, hinting at the possibility of an explosive war ahead. Fans can't wait to see what will happen in "Tokyo Revengers" 213, considering that whatever decision Takemichi and Draken come up with will dictate the next events in the manga.

Spoilers And Raw Scans Release Date

"Tokyo Revengers" manga releases a new chapter every week. Unless there are delays or changes in the schedule, fans can expect "Tokyo Revengers" 213 to arrive Wednesday.

As for the spoilers and raw scans of the manga, fans can look forward to their availability online two or three days ahead of the official release date. Insiders usually share these spoilers on Twitter and Reddit.

For fans wondering where they can read the latest manga release of "Tokyo Revengers," they can check it out at Kodansha, its official distributor.

Chapter 213 Predictions And Spoilers

The most exciting part in the previous manga installment is the arrival of the hooded guy, the deity of the Brahman Gang, Karawagi Senju.

The manga seemingly depicts Senju as someone who shares a lot of traits and attributes with Sano Manjiro (Mikey). Some fans are too intrigued with the character that they speculate he could be Mikey's long-lost twin.

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It is also possible that Brahman holds the key to Mikey's redemption, given its link to Mikey's older brother and its interest in Takemichi.

Based on the previous manga installment, Brahman wants to recruit Takemichi. Hanagaki Takemichi is brave, but he is not good in any type or form of combat.

Potential reasons behind Brahman's peculiar interest in Takemichi include their knowledge that he is a time-leaper. It is also possible that they believe Takemichi, alongside Draken, is the only person who can save Mikey from his current situation.

But if Brahman knows about Takemichi's ability, how did they learn about it and is their intention really pure?

"Tokyo Revengers" 213 might offer clues about Brahman's peculiar interest in Takemichi, as well as their ultimate goal for being at the scene.

Fans remain hopeful that Mikey and the Kantou Manji Gang would appear in the upcoming manga installment. However, they should temper their expectations about "Tokyo Revengers" 213 for now, since these details are highly speculative at this stage.

Fans who want to watch the anime adaptation of "Tokyo Revengers" can check out its trailer below.