• "One Piece" 1018 is reportedly titled "Jinbei vs. Whos Who"
  • The upcoming chapter is set to release on Sunday
  • The spoilers also provided some details about an epic fight

The latest "One Piece" 1018 spoilers have suggested the World Government, through its Cipher Pol, is churning out a plan to eliminate a member of Kaidou's Flying Six or Tobi Roppo.

The leaked information is according to the latest chapter summary, courtesy of Redon from Arlong Park forums and other insiders in the community. The upcoming manga installment is reportedly titled "Jinbei vs. Whos Who."

"One Piece" 1018 might be a showcase of power and combat skills as writer Eiichiro Oda treats fans with an epic one-on-one battle between the newest member of the Straw Hats Pirates, Jinbei and Kaidou's minion, Whos Who.

Even though the spoilers detailed the fight between these two characters, they also indicated the Cipher Pol-0 (CP-0) is determined to kill Whos Who.

"One Piece" 1018 summary revealed as the Cipher Pol agents discuss the status of the current war in Onigashima, one of them remarks he does not care about the outcome of the war. He also emphasizes to other members of the CP-0 they should make sure "that guy," referring to Whos Who, is dead. One of the agents, wearing a smiling mask, comments the World Government's confidential information that Whos Who possesses is old.

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The agent with the smiling mask seems confident that even if the information is leaked, it would cause no harm to the World Government. Despite this, the other CP-0 agent believes leaving a World Government's fugitive alive sets a bad example. The agent with the smiling mask then replies they will have to wait and see if Whos Who makes it out alive since he is up against the First Son of the Sea and the former Shichibukai, Jinbei.

"One Piece" 1018 summary also provided some details about the epic fight between Jinbei and Whos Who. While The Tobi Roppo member is strong, he still needs to do a lot more to defeat Jinbei.

The spoilers revealed in the last panel of the upcoming chapter, Jinbie's punch hits Whos Who in the face and seems to have knocked him out. All pillars collapse because of the shockwave the Straw Hats member let out using his attack, the spoilers further revealed.