• "Tokyo Revengers" 216 is set to roll out on Wednesday
  • The upcoming chapter continues the events following Takemitchi and Senju's meeting
  • "Tokyo Revengers" 216 might offer Senju Karawagi's backstory

"Tokyo Revengers" Chapter 216 might offer fans some insights on the smart play the leader of Brahman would do to achieve his goal.

The previous chapter of the hit "Tokyo Revengers" manga once again surprised fans when it showed the identity of the person Hanagaki Takemitchi met at Harajuku. Before the meeting happened, Akashi, the second top dog of the Brahman Gang, asked Takemitchi not to be surprised, probably hinting at what the time traveler would see at the meeting. While everyone was surprised to see that Takemitchi was a person in a girl's uniform, some believe there was more to it than meets the eye.

There are a couple of possibilities as to why the previous chapter of "Tokyo Revengers" showed a girl on its last panel. One theory is that Senju Karawagi, the leader of one of the most notorious delinquent gangs in Tokyo, is actually a girl. If this is the case, she is the first and only character in the series to lead a gang of boys. Her real identity may be unknown to the members of her gang except to some trusted officers like Akashi.

Mikey & Draken | Tokyo Revengers
Tokyo Revengers: Mikey and Draken's intro Crunchyroll FR Official YouTube Channel

Another possible explanation for the last panel in the previous chapter of "Tokyo Revengers" is that it is one of Senju's clever plays. Fans learned that Takemitchi, like Draken, joined Brahman to save Mikey and since his intention aligns with the delinquent group, having a strong gang to help him achieve it is a smart play. To protect this goal, Senju may have been playing the "girl card."

Out in the open, Senju disguises himself as a girl to avoid suspicion and to get information without prying eyes. Moreover, this underlines the prevailing theory that Senju Karawagi is the long-lost brother of Manjiro Sano (Mikey).

"Tokyo Revengers" 216 is scheduled to drop on Wednesday. The upcoming manga installment will probably continue the events following Takemitchi and Senju's meeting. It might also offer updates on Mikey and his Kantou Manji Gang. Fans can read the official manga installment of "Tokyo Revengers" 216 on Kodansha.