• "Tokyo Revengers" 215 would reportedly release on Wednesday
  • The upcoming chapter might reveal why Draken came up with the important decision
  • Fans wonder if Mikey would appear in "Tokyo Revengers" 215

Draken's shocking revelation in the previous chapter excites fans as they look forward to the release of raw scans, spoilers and official of "Tokyo Revengers" 215.

Spoilers And Raw Scans Release Date

The hit manga "Tokyo Revengers" releases a new chapter every week. Fans can expect "Tokyo Revengers" 215 to drop Wednesday unless there are delays or changes in its schedule. As for the upcoming installment's spoilers and raw scans, fans can check them online two or three days before the manga's official release.

Insiders on Twitter and Reddit usually share details about the upcoming chapter on Monday or Tuesday. For the manga's official release, fans should check out Kodansha's official website.

Tokyo Revengers, Volume 6
Takemichi is determined to stand at the top of Toman's ranks. To bring Baji back to Toman, to get rid of Kisaki, the man behind everything, and to save Hinata for real this time, Takemichi must take on his most difficult mission yet! Kodansha U.S. Tokyo Revengers Manga

Chapter 215 Predictions And Spoilers

The previous chapter of "Tokyo Revengers" showcased Draken giving South Terano a dose of his own medicine. Fans have been looking forward to seeing the former vice-captain of the Tokyo Manji Gang fight back to the top 2 dog of Rokuhara Tandai and it finally happened in Chapter 214. With the imminent arrival of the police on the scene, South and Draken agreed to settle their issue some other time.

But, the previous chapter left fans with another shocking revelation that might have major implications in the manga's plot. In the last panel of the manga, Draken told Takemichi that he is a member of the Brahman Gang. This explains why Akashi and Karawagi Senju only wanted to recruit Takemichi.

"Tokyo Revengers" 215 might offer some explanations on why Draken decided to be a part of Brahman. Does his motivation include saving Mikey from total destruction? Will Hanagaki Takemichi join Brahman Gang to help achieve the purpose of his time travel?

"Tokyo Revengers" 215 might also offer updates on Mikey's current situation. Fans might also get a glimpse of Hina and Naoto. Some former Tokyo Manji Gag members might also appear in the upcoming manga installment.

All these questions would be answered in the upcoming chapters of the hit manga. Fans, however, should take these details with skepticism since these are not official. At this point, this information about "Tokyo Revengers" 215 is highly speculative.