• "Tokyo Revengers" 234 might continue to show Mikey beating Takemichi
  • "Tokyo Revengers" 233 is titled "Better Late Than Never"
  • The manga series officially releases a new chapter every Wednesday

Takemichi's ultimate goal of traveling back in time was to save Mikey from his future self but with the way the latest chapter goes, it looks like Mikey will beat the time traveler to death. The biggest questions in the community right now include who will save Takemichi and will his salvation mean his savior's demise?

"Tokyo Revengers" 233 is titled "Better Late Than Never" and is set to officially drop on Wednesday. The latest manga installment tells the end of the war and the events that follow.

The war among the top delinquent gangs in Tokyo is finally over but Mikey continues to beat South Terano by hitting him on the face. Takemichi rushes towards South and calls his name but the top dog of Rokuhara Tandai no longer responds to whatever Takemichi is doing to him.

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Brahman lost to Rukuhara Tandai and Rukuhara lost to Kantou Mani, so Mikey's gang won the war. Everyone started to leave, including Ran and Kakucho. Meanwhile, Takeomi speaks to Mikey, telling him that he should have gone too far but instead of saying anything Mikey kicks him and shouts, "You should die too."

Takemichi, the crying hero, tries to stop Mikey and tells his friend that what he is doing is wrong but Mikey responds by asking him, "Well, how do you want to die?" The leader of the Kantou Manji gang then starts beating Takemichi. 

Senju sees this and tries to run towards Takemichi shouting the time traveler's name. Before Mikey hits Takemichi, the latter calls out his name, but Mikey landed his tightened fist on him.

It is not yet clear if South is already dead or if he is still alive and readers might have an update on his condition on "Tokyo Revengers" 234. The latest chapter confirms that Takemichi's vision about South is accurate.

But, what about his vision of Senju? Some readers believe that Senju will save Takemichi from Mikey's beating. As a result, Mikey will fight the top dog of the Brahman gang and might kill her in the process.

Things are getting a lot more interesting in "Tokyo Revengers" as it progresses, but some fans are getting anxious about Mikey's character progression. Will he stay this way until the end or will Ken Wakui, the manga's creator surprise fans with another creative twist?

As for the manga's release date, "Tokyo Revengers" 234 will release on Dec. 8 with its spoilers coming out sometime between Thursday and Friday. Raw scans are expected to become available online on the eve of the episode's release.