New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady loves his dad, Tom Brady Senior, even when he’s bashing NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. The NFL star missed four games of the 2016-17 season due to the deflategate scandal, where he had footballs underinflated so he could throw them better during an American Football Conference (AFC) Championship Game against the Indianapolis Colts Jan. 18, 2015 .

The punishment was berserk, Brady’s father alleged during a local news interview with KRON-TV Monday. He said deflategate was a “witch hunt” against his son.

Brady Senior then went on to bash Goddell. “Somebody that has Roger Goodell’s ethics doesn’t belong on any stage that Tom Brady is on,” he said.

With Super Bowl 51 less than a week away, the quarterback called into “Kirk & Callahan”  on WEEI 93.7 to try to “deflate” the situation. “I banned my dad from talking so he’s no longer available to the media,” Brady said with a laugh, according to a recording obtained by TMZ Monday. “Well, I love my dad… My dad has been my best friend my entire life, so he’s always been my No. 1 supporter. Hopefully he’s there at the game cheering me on. He’s a great man and I love him to death. He’s taught me everything about life and certainly how to be a father because he’s been the best one that a son’s ever asked for. I try to pass those things onto my kids.”

The football star then talked about how his father also supports his three sisters, who are athletes, too, and his mother.

Goodell bashing aside, Brady said he is “very fortunate” to have his father in his life.

The New England Patriots are slated to take on the Atlanta Falcons for Super Bowl 51 Sunday at NRG Stadium in Houston.

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