The new Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol trailer is out, with a soundtrack including Eminem, featuring Pink in Won't Back Down.

The trailer displays powerful special effects (to be expected in any Mission Impossible film), diamonds, explosions, a car chase, and a plot surrounding bombs and possible nulceur war.

The trailer dialogue goes as follows:

Tom Wilkinson: The President has initiated Ghost Protocol . . . Now, I've been ordered to take you [Ethan Hunt (Cruise)] to Washington where they will hang the Kremlin bombing on you and your team, unless you were to escape . . . but if anyone of your team is caught, they will be branded terrorist, out to insight global nuclear war.

Cruise: So what happens now?

Tom Wilkinson: The mission, should you choose to accept it.

Watch the trailer

Listen to the Eminem song Won't Back Down' featuring Pink