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The popularity of the Twitter Inc.-owned short-video application Vine continues to gain momentum as users take to the app for just about everything. In recent months, the phrase “Do It For The Vine” has become a staple during the 6-second continuously looped videos shared on the service. Basically, the phrase refers to users’ willingness to go above and beyond to capture a worthy Vine video. More often than not, they succeed.

Vine’s popularity comes from users’ ability to capture and poke fun of situations trending in pop culture, as they tap into their own creativity.

It comes as no surprise that, after the U.S. government shutdown began Oct. 1, Vine users identified an opportunity to produce some truly hilarious and unique Vines. Taking a serious situation and shedding some humorous light on it is something Viners do exceptionally well. With that in mind, here are 10 of the funniest Vine videos about the government shutdown: