As the new year quickly approaches, it’s time to look back at some of the most entertaining moments of 2018. Between apps like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, it’s no wonder there were so many viral videos this year.

Before welcoming a brand new chapter, take a look at this list of the top 10 YouTube videos of 2018:

10. Rosie Tries Wasabi For the First Time

After initially rejecting the offer to try wasabi, this sweet little girl made the mistake of tasting the spicy Japanese paste.

9. Package Thief

One woman thought she hit the jackpot when she saw a bunch of packages sitting on a stranger’s doorstep. However, when she tried to run away with the stolen items, she slipped and injured herself.

8. “Test Driving” New Shoes

This prankster gave a store employee a scare when he tried on a pair of sneakers and ran out the door. The fast acting staff member chased after the man he thought was a shoe thief, only to learn it was just a joke.

7. Embarrassing Little Sister At School

When one teen was tasked with dropping her sister off at school in the morning, she decided to make a spectacle out of each arrival. She blasted music each time they pulled up to the school, which didn’t always sit well with her younger sibling.

6. What The Fluff Challenge

Pet owners everywhere got a kick out of the #WhatTheFluffChallenge, which involved using a blanket or sheet to convince their animal they disappeared into thin air.

5. Migos Carpool Karaoke

Along with rapping a few of their hit songs including “Walk It Talk It,” the fellas also listened to some Whitney Houston and James Corden even apologized for ruining the dab. The video was posted on Nov. 13, but it has already received more than 20 million views.

4. Diddy

When Diddy criticized the performance of “The Four” Season 2 contestant Elijah Connor, the tense moment resulted in one of the most popular memes of the year. Skip to 6:40 to witness the hilarious stare down between the two.

3. Dancing Hermione

Kelsey Ellison had a good time while showing off her incredible dance moves while dressed up as Hermione Granger from the “Harry Potter” movie franchise. Little did she know, her jam session would inspire several memes throughout 2018.

2. Boy Dancing On A Cruise Ship

Ryan Starr may have just been playing around on the dance floor of a cruise ship, but once he got the attention of everyone on deck, his life changed.

1. Walmart Yodeling Kid

Mason Ramsey quickly rose to fame after a video of him yodeling in a Walmart went viral on YouTube. Since then, he has performed at Coachella and released a single.