SMS has become a staple tool in multi-channel marketing as more brands look to reach consumers on the move. For many reasons, it's one of the most useful marketing channels thanks to its ubiquity, high engagement rates and ability to capture emerging markets.

With 81% of adults in the U.S. owning a smartphone in 2019, SMS is no doubt, an excellent way to directly contact millions of consumers. Compared to email, SMS engagement rates are immense, with 90% of SMS messages read within three minutes of receiving them. This makes SMS very useful in providing important information with a high success rate. If your business is trying to work in places where data is costly and Wi-Fi is less widespread, SMS is a much better information sharing channel.

In this article, we're going to show you three of the best SMS marketing tools you should take advantage of this 2021.

1. ProTexting

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Since its inception in 2010, ProTexting has established itself as one of, if not the leader in SMS marketing. With a team comprised of SMS experts, the company has created partnerships with over 9,000 brands through their messaging platform. They have been involved in countless projects over the years, from basic SMS campaign implementations to custom mobile marketing platforms tailored for all kinds of needs. The team behind ProTexting has sold one successful text messaging company in 2007 back when texting was at its peak in terms of popularity. 

The most famous plan for ProTexting, its Economy plan, costs $79 per month. This package offers 1,700 credits (most texts you send cost one credit) and allows two keywords. The Startup Package, which is $49 a month for 1,000 credits and one keyword, could be favored by smaller companies. All in all, there are five self-managed plans, so you should be able to find one that fits your budget and the necessary volume of text messages.

By establishing a two-way dialogue, this service helps create a bridge between you and your customers. A welcome text message to individuals who have signed up for your service will consist of your initial campaign. You may send auto-replies or surveys from there. You can also set up schedules with ProTexting to send text messages to customers on a daily basis or at a set time.

In addition to all that, ProTexting also offers a full suite of text messaging tools that can help any business run any successful SMS or MMS campaigns, such as Text-to-Win where users can enter into a drawing contest, mobile surveys where you can create engaging mobile voting surveys, Text 2 Join campaigns which are perfect for delivering information to clients on demand just by texting a mobile keyword and Text Drip campaigns which allow you to quickly send a single text message to answer a question, follow up with a query for more info, etc.

The platform integrates with numerous other services, one of the top SMS messaging features being Amazon seller integrations. This allows sellers to utilize the platform's SMS and MMS technology to grow feedbacks and sales. With the recent trend of Shopify sellers integrating ProTexting into their online stores, the platform has since bolstered their machine learning AI. The MMS technology instantly allows sellers to detect and review an order that has been placed by a customer, and then follow up with an SMS or MMS sale funnel.

Another useful report that ProTexting includes is keyword reports, which display the most common keywords, and subscription information, so you can quickly see clients who are leaving or entering your network. This data is also relevant because the Mobile Marketing Administration recommends that for at least six months, you keep records of subscription information. 

2. heyMarket

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HeyMarket is a powerful mobile and web-based application designed to streamline text messaging for companies. It is a reliable communication tool that enables companies to engage vendors, staff, and consumers to close more deals, boost customer loyalty, and improve customer satisfaction. They have an app that functions perfectly on Android, iOS, and web browsers making it easy for teams to communicate from anywhere. 

For hiring, health, automotive, law firms, real estate, retail, and dispatch and operations companies, HeyMarket gets the job done. The messaging platform offers administrative features of the enterprise-grade and is designed to support various business activities, including marketing, sales and support. It also offers a collaborative inbox that centralizes communications for text and Facebook, and allows members of the team to text from their device or mobile apps. A shared inbox, private feedback, performance metrics, seamless integrations, and omnichannel support are some of its key features.

It offers templates for messaging that can be personalized with personal messages, images, and titles. These models are reusable and are designed to help organizations give contractors, clients, and employees clear responses. It permits each team member to follow each message with their own signature. 

Moreover, thanks to the internet and mobile apps, HeyMarket enables teams to communicate anytime, anywhere. Teams can send and respond to text and Facebook messages easily with the Android and iOS apps, regardless of the time and where they are. This means that the whole team is in sync and the activities are updated by every member. Better still, to intercept inbound SMS, websites may add a customizable widget. Then the messages are sent to the shared inbox, where team members will respond promptly to each one.

3. Mobiniti

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Mobiniti is an inexpensive, straightforward SMS marketing platform that provides users with a plethora of SMS resources to help them engage their current customer base while attracting more customers effectively. It is a simple, user-friendly marketing solution that automatically recruits customers to guarantee repeat business and asks them for feedback and recommendations that will help attract current and prospective customers to the business location of the user. 

With Mobiniti, customers can receive, via SMS, custom marketing messages from companies. Such SMS can be easily personalized, allowing users to send messages that their customers can easily relate to or pique their interest, enabling them to return, improve their loyalty, and bring in other customers. It also enables users to track customer visits, track their redemptions, recognize regulars and turn them into valuable business ambassadors in addition to sending marketing SMS.

This marketing tool lets you completely exploit the most powerful marketing device: the cell phones of your customers. The app makes it easy for you to quickly send marketing messages, promotions, news, and other announcements to your entire list or deliver certain customer groups or segments with unique messages. 

You can create and send customized marketing messages to your consumers and subscribers from a single unified admin GUI. You can give a general message to thousands of customers within a few clicks. Mobiniti completely automates the marketing processes of your SMS, enabling you to focus your attention on producing engaging and productive communications and increasing your customer base.

What's more impressive is that you can also assess who is bringing in the most business among your clients, reward them for their efforts, and inspire them to attract others to become clients and ambassadors for your organization.