With the Year Of The Kraken coming to a close, Hearthstone is removing a ton of cards from its Standard format. Cards from Blackrock Mountain, The Grand Tournament and League Of Explorers are all leaving the game mode most of us play, making room for more cards. Tons of archetypes will be leaving the game, paving the way for powerful dinosaurs and elementals.

Here are the top four cards pros are going to miss when they leave Hearthstone in early April.

Reno Jackson I'll miss Reno Jackon making us rich Photo: Blizzard

Reno Jackson- On the way back from the Bahamas, I sat on the plane next to 2016’s Hearthstone World Champion, Pavel. I asked him what card he was going to miss most after the rotation, and he said Reno Jackson. This explorer paved the way for a new way to deck build, where you needed to only have one copy of a card in your deck. Reno games were very, very methodical; you only had one chance to play a card, so if you waited your Polymorph on something small you were going to lose. Hopefully, Kazakus can keep the card copy train alive.

emperor The Emperor deserves a long nap Photo: Blizzard

Emperor Thaurissan- Another pro favorite, the He-Man fan from Blackrock Mountain enabled combo decks that wouldn’t normally work. A Freeze Mage might not be able to afford all the burn currently in their hand, but once the Emperor offered Jaina a discount, OTKs were possible. HCT Winter Championship winner ShtanUdachi said after his win that this card was the one he was going to miss the most, and I’m right there with him.

anyfin cna happen Anyfin Can Happen Photo: Blizzard

Anyfin Can Happen- “The reason this card is so amazing is because it creates a deck type all by itself,” Kripp says in his newest video. Murloc Paladin wasn’t a thing before this 10-mana spell came into the game. Without it, I doubt anyone would have put Murlocs and Uther together, Murloc Knight isn’t very good. This card made for some awesome and unexpected games, Hearthstone is going to be a crueler place with fewer The Lego Movie references in it.

flamewaker Flamewaker needs a nap Photo: Blizzard

Flamewaker- I have lost more games because of the stupid ping that comes out of this angry demon’s face than I’d like to admit. Without Flamewaker, Mage would have struggled to find anything on turn three, with very few minions fitting the curve well. Now, there’s Volcanic Potion and Potion Of Polymorph (if you are desperate) to fill his spot, but nothing will ever be able to replace the red snake monster.

What cards are you going to miss during Year Of The Mammoth? Tell us in the comments.