Top 5 Underrated Business Technologies
Top 5 Underrated Business Technologies Photo by Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash

The key to a successful business in this day and age is speed, consistency and a river-like workflow. Of course, the main service and/or product is where the public eye goes first, but if the service's experience and feel aren't smooth, then the consumer is unlikely to return. Behind the scenes, too, if the employees don't have a reliable system they can turn to and follow, then the business's base becomes unstable.

This is where business technology comes in. Meant to assist, rather than replace, technology -- apps and software -- can help you and your employees communicate, manage projects and finances, and learn new skills. Sometimes the best of this technology slips under the radar, taking second place to big names like Microsoft and Zoom. But with some digging, you'll see that a lot of these underrated apps are A-OK. Here are five of these underrated business technology stars for you to try.



Communication and information sharing is the deciding factor between a successful operation and a failed one. If your business is constantly managing projects, investing in an app that facilitates communication is something you should strongly consider. Slack is an app that rolls all the important aspects of communication into one. It features clear messaging, and you can share and send files, and even make calls. With Slack, you can set up filters to only see messages relevant to you and integrate with other apps you may use.


Lightspeed is an e-commerce software provider. It creates and facilitates the process of managing an online store for almost any type of retail business. It handles payments, analytics, accounting and has a loyalty system that rewards long-term customers. What makes Lightspeed such a good option is its accessibility and functionality from both your desktop and phone. You can work on your tablet as you would on a PC. If your business is in retail or sales, then Lightspeed is a solid option. is a website-hosted app that facilitates work/project organization and teamwork. Many major companies like Uber, Costco, Walmart and Coca-Cola have already picked up the tool. It offers personalized tabs for various jobs and departments, including software development, marketing and sales. Most of the system is automated to avoid as much human error as possible. You can even see the personal development of everyone involved in the project, which helps you give an idea of possible adjustments to cater to the employee's stress levels.


GoCo is an HR tool for employee management. It's a highly flexible website that assists in the connection between employee and boss. It organizes events and documents, progress reports and employee benefits. It helps members save for their retirement plan, commuter benefits, health plans and quality life plans, as well. GoCo is truly for the employees and their well-being. Using GoCo shows that you are making an effort toward your employees' care, ensuring you're taking steps to treat them properly.


Odoo is a free accounting software that tracks and analyzes your company's finances. It creates clear and easy to read dynamic statements on profit and loss, sales, expenses and point of sales transactions. On top of making accounting easier, there are dozens of services and courses that will help you learn how to improve your business. Toyota is one of the almost millions of users that have praised the software for its massive resource reserves.


Are business technology tools worth it?

Is it worth investing in and implementing so many business technology tools? Depending on how you manage your business, yes, it is. Of course, it doesn't mean that you should purchase every bit of software you come across. Consider which areas of your business aren't as efficient as you wish they would be, and supplement accordingly.