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Solar panels are now more affordable than ever, making them a great choice if you want to cut your electric costs. Pexels

Electricity bills are rising because we're becoming more dependent on it to power our gadgets and appliances. Good thing there are solar panels! These might cost you a hefty amount of cash initially, but it's a great and long-term investment, knowing that you're going to cut your electricity costs by up to more than 80%. It's all about relying on the sun's heat to power our modern homes. And they've become very much affordable today as well!

Below are some of the best solar panels under $100 you can choose from.

1. Rich Solar Polycrystalline Solar Panel
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The Rich Solar Polycrystalline Solar Panel is a cost-effective, yet powerful choice for you as this can generate up to 5.4 amp of power. It also performs great even on low light conditions thanks to its light-sensitive panels that are certified to withstand even bad weather. Its frame is made from anodized aluminum and goes along with its anti-reflective tempered glass coating.

2. Eco-Worthy Solar Cell Panel
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The Eco-Worthy Solar Cell Panel is one of the most durable choices in this list as it is dust-proof and waterproof with a rating of IP-65. Even its frame that's made from aluminum is coated with anti-corrosion layering so that it'll last a long time. It's also reinforced with a 3.22mm thick anti-reflection coated glass and is covered by a 5-year warranty.

3. TP-solar Solar Panel Kit
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The TP-solar Solar Panel Kit is a great bang-for-your-buck as it includes a solar charger regulate, two 6.5-feet cables with alligator clips, and an O-ring terminal. It's made from premium aluminum frame and strong tempered glass and has a 25-year transferable output that ensures its premium workmanship.

4. Suner Power Solar Panel Kit
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The Suner Power Solar Panel Kit is another choice you might want as this features an intelligent solar charge controller that is specifically designed with the latest charging algorithm. This ensures that it can absorb the highest amount of solar energy possible and convert it into usable electricity. Its photocell control and work time setting also mean that you don't have to manually turn it on or off as it does this autonomously.

5. Ring Solar Panel
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The Ring Solar Panel White is one minimalist-looking, yet highly-functional solar panel you might want to get. It has a white body made from premium aluminum that goes along with its 13-feet power connection. This is specifically designed to charge the Ring Spotlight Camera using solar energy, but can also be used to charge other similar devices.

6. Newpowa Monocrystallineolar Panel
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The Newpowa Monocrystalline Solar Panel has a maximum power rating of 100 watts voltage, making this one powerful solar panel. What makes this stand out is that it has pre-installed diodes in the junction box which makes this user-friendly. It also comes with a pair of 3-foot MC4 cables pre-attached to the body, plus a 25-year power output warranty.

7. Sungold Power Monocrystalline Solar Panel
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The Sungold Power Monocrystalline Solar Panel has a rating of 60-watts of power output that is enclosed in a sealed waterproof frame design. Its frame is made from corrosion-resistant aluminum that also happens to be waterproof. This is also covered by a 25-year transferable output warranty and a 1-year warranty on kit components.