The pay per head industry has taken off in the last few years and there is no looking back for bookies. The best pay per head providers have revolutionized how bookie do business and bookies swear by the performance of the software. The best news is that it’s now affordable. The top PPH providers are now offering their services with no start-up cost and even a 4-week free trial. You get the full working version in the free trial. There is no watered-down version that doesn’t really work and three days later your credit card is charged with some weird bill that you never agreed to! We all know this happens in close to every industry and consumers such as yourself are growing weary. The idea of a free trial is simply not that appealing. This is the real deal and they give you what they promise. Now is the best time to take advantage of the software providers offers – we’re in the thick of the busy sports gambling season, with the NFL, the NCAA (both FB and BB) the NHL, and the NBA. Get in now and start realizing exactly how a fantastic bookie software system will help your business grow and your bottom line will be respectful.

RealBookies.Com— is one of those software providers that has it all. They literally do everything and throw in the kitchen sink to boot. This group is well over ten years in the business and they have earned the respect of bookies across the United States and beyond.

  • RealBookies pph software comes loaded with a reinforced redundancy and their security is top-notch and second to none industry-wide. They guarantee 99% up-time. They never go down and they won’t go down before a big event. One of the most important aspects of your bookie operation is 24/7 service. This group delivers and they have the reputation to back it up. Not only are they always up and operational, but they also value the security of you and your players. Nobody is fool-proof but if anyone bookie is, it would be RealBookies. They never get hack and they guarantee that you and your customer's information is secure.

  • RealBookies offers software that has been handcrafted by programming specialist and it’s designed with a user-friendly interface that’s simple and easy to use. Your clients want easy, they expect easy and they will walk if it’s not.

  • The software comes pre programmed for use as an accounting service. Now you can account for every dollar into the house and every dollar out of the house. If you are going to be successful on any level, then you must have a working budget and you must know your players. The software that RealBookies provides, allows you to view and print, on-demand player and financial reports. You will have all betting information at your fingertips as well as all of your financials in an easy to read printout.

  • The bookie software that is provided by RealBookies is one that has combined the online sportsbook, the racebook and casino all into one turnkey package.

  • The sportsbook comes fully loaded with more than 80 sports worldwide and a betting menu that is competitive with any online bookmaker. Your clients will love their choices as well as the betting platform.

  • RealBookies set all of the daily action as well as the day’s lines and odds. They employ experienced oddsmakers and line movers so they can offer the sharpest lines in the industry.

  • RealBookies is established and growing because they have one of the very best reputations in the gaming industry. Their casino offers some of the best gambling action along with a racebook that offers more than 70 tracks worldwide.


This group has also been around for more than ten years and they are a trusted name in PPH bookie software providers. They offer a fantastic and affordable price point that starts at $7 per head and you get all of the perks including a full casino with more than 100 games and a fantastic racebook.

  • A1PPH comes loaded with some of the best customer service in the entire gaming industry. Their bookie software also comes loaded with the ability to do your job for you.

  • The software grades all bet slips and sets the daily lines and odds and they custom-build you a personal site for you and your clients.

  • A1PPH offers a 30-day free trial and they offer it all. There is no obligation for this group. If you like them, great you continue on and pay the nominal PPH fee, if you don’t care for them, then no hard feelings.

No matter who you choose , whether it’s RealBookies or A1PPH, you have made the right choice in Bookie software. You need a software that works and one that organizes your finances and one that sets the lines and odds but allows you the freedom to change any number at any time. Give them a call and ask for the free trial, start earning a six-figure income.