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China taxi drivers strike, dismiss pledges to boost fares

Striking cab drivers in Hangzhou denouncing rising fuel prices and demanding the government make good on pledges to raise fares abandoned their vehicles for a second day on Tuesday, and planned street protests despite a heavy police presence.

Social Security Payment Increases - Debt Deal Casualty?

At Issue: Social Security
Baby Boomers - the size of your Social Security payment may be lowered, if the current mood in Congress prevails. That's because 'Gang of Six' debt deal plan negotiators want to change the inflation/cost of living formula -- a change that would result in smaller annual payment increases for inflation.
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Traders work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange

US stocks decline in early trade

US stocks slightly declined in early trade on Friday after official data showed that Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose in line with expectations in April.

World Market Overview 04/28/2011

The Australian share market closed lower amid concerns about a tough upcoming federal budget, strong local dollar and possible interest rate rises sparked by higher inflation figures.
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So What Is Silver Shouting About?

The CURRENT SURGE in silver prices worldwide might seem dramatic, but it's more measured - so far, at least - than the true silver bubble that went Bang! in Jan. 1980. Even so, you might as well call this a record price.

China Locks Up More Cash as Prices Keep Rising

There will be a little less money to go around in China starting later this week. China's government is worried about rising prices and is tightening its grip on the country's cash. In the latest step, the country's banking authorities have told banks that they must raise the amount they set aside in their reserves another half a percentage point, effectively reducing lending.
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BoJ Statement on Further Monetary Easing (Full Text)

The Bank of Japan (BOJ) said on Monday it will increase the size of the asset purchase program from five trillion yen to 10 trillion yen and promised to inject additional liquidity into the financial system battered by the triple whammy of a disastrous earthquake, a tsunami and an unfolding nuclear crisis.
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German inflation rose 2.1 pct in February

Inflation in Germany rose more than previously estimated in February, strengthening speculation that the European Central Bank (ECB) may hike interest rate as early as next month.
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Gold climbs to record as Mideast violence flares

Gold climbed to a record high above $1,440 an ounce on Monday as the threat of violence spreading in the Middle East and North Africa pushed oil prices to 2-1/2 year highs and burnished the metal's safe-haven appeal.
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Fewer in U.S. deem homeownership a safe investment

Homeownership as an investment is no longer the rock-solid foundation for the American Dream it once was, according to a survey released on Monday by the firm the government created in the 1930s to promote homeownership.
China sees growth risk, not inflation, in oil surge

China sees growth risk, not inflation, in oil surge

Soaring oil prices will have little impact on Chinese consumer inflation, but will place considerable cost pressure on the country's manufacturers, a government adviser and ministry official said on Thursday.


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