The Baltimore woman, Mirlande Wilson, who claims to have one of the three winning tickets said it is hidden in the McDonald's restaurant where she works. On Wednesday, Wilson and her attorney held a press conference to discuss the so-called mega millions mess that she is in.

I have not seen the ticket, nor do I want to see the ticket, said attorney Edward Smith, reported Fox News.

Wilson, 37, did not speak during the press conference.

We believe it to be a legitimate claim, added Smith. When it is time to present the ticket or whatever it is that needs to be presented to the lottery commissioner, I am sure that we will be there.

Smith then reportedly told the media not bother his client over the incident.

The single mother of seven said that she bought the ticket on her own. However, her former McDonald's coworkers claimed they pooled their money to buy several tickets.

God knows, by next week or next month, this will all be over and we will still be friends, Smith said, reported Fox News.

Earlier, Wilson said she had left her ticket somewhere safe. She reportedly has left it in the McDonald's where she worked.

I left my ticket there, and it's somewhere safe that only I know about, she said according to the New York Post.

She was not concerned about her former coworkers, though. Wilson said she is just waiting for things to call down before she retrieves the ticket.

I'm waiting for things to calm down so I can go back to McDonald's and get it. The people [at McDonald's] are too excited. I want their heads to cool down before I go back, she said, reported the Post.

But the manager of the McDonald's said that Wilson did not return to the restaurant after she purchased the tickets.

However, he coworkers are fuming, alleging she is trying to cheat them out of money, if she really has the ticket.

She can't do this to us! shift manager Suleiman Osman Husein told the New York Post. We each paid $5. She took everybody's money!

However, other employees do not believe Wilson even has the winning ticket. Wilson has not presented her ticket to the lottery office.

I don't believe her. I didn't believe her from the beginning, she's always been strange, the employee said, according to the post. She's an attention seeker. She likes to have all the attention on herself.

However, her lawyer defended Wilson against those claims at the press conference today.

I don't think she wants her 15 minutes of fame, Smith said. We just want y'all to go home.

The hysteria over the identity of the record breaking Mega Million Lottery jackpot began on Saturday, after the winning numbers were announced Friday at 11 p.m. Lottery officials said that one of the three winning tickets was sold at a 7-Eleven at 8014 Liberty Road in Milford Mill, reported the Baltimore Sun. The winner reportedly bought the ticket approximately 7:15 p.m. Friday and asked for a quick pick, randomly assigned numbers. Other winning tickets were bought in Kansas and Illinois. The ticket holders will have to split the pot. However, no one has presented a winning ticket to lottery officials yet.

Until or unless someone walks through the door with that ticket, and it's verified as the winner, we don't have any lead on anybody, Maryland Lottery spokeswoman Carole Everett said in a news statement to Fox yesterday. There is a winner somewhere, but we don't know who they are yet.